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The Pistols and Petticoats Square Dance club meet every Tuesday evening with very few exceptions.  The club dances Mainstream level with an occasional Plus tip. Pistols and Petticoats is the fastest growing square dance club in the area primarily due to its friendly atmosphere.  New dancers and guests are always welcome, appreciated, and encouraged.  Here are a few photos of our club members having fun Square Dancing at...

 The Hillbilly Stampede, in the Pool, & at Wallen Pines.

Check out the 1996 Hillbilly Stampede, which includes pictures of the Afterparty Band, Rayanne (ain't she a beauty), Dick & Edna, then Dave & Bruce making Kettle Corn on the afterparty fire.

Fun & lasting memories were made with great friends!  Thank You!

Currently, Pistols and Petticoats caller Steve Brown calls the squares, cues rounds, with some line dancing thrown in. Give him a call at (219) 432-1457 if you need additional information.


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